Monday, January 31, 2011

Keepin' Cozy in 2011

Wow, so this blog has seriously suffered from an extreme lack of posts...that only means that my "personal life" has been overflowing with what comes with being the mommy of an extremely active almost 3 yr. old boy and an almost even more active 8 month old baby boy, along with planning for a big move and just the regular daily happenings. We have been busy with life around here, so I apologize, dear blog, you have been left on the back-burner for way too long, and I haven't even told you Happy 2011 yet!

Happy Two-Thousand-Eleven, Blog! Hope it's a good one for ya! ;)

The weather here is fairly mild, but you just can't go wrong with the cozy glow of flickering flames from a fireplace. So, in the absence of a "real" fire, I made this little display to add some ambiance to our evenings here at home. I used the mason jars which I already had and bought candles of different sizes. Normally I go for scent when I buy candles, but for this display I went with color...even tho the candles that are scented do smell pretty good.

I used the floral pillow for color inspiration. I just love the clean crispness of white paired with the blue and green. I am planning on using these colors a lot throughout our home once we move away from our rental here...I have been having fun thinking of the color scheme for our next place.

I know this is a horrible picture...but you can get the idea of the coziness that my little fireplace brings to the room. It is really quite quaint, haha!

Blessings for 2011!