Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Pretty} in PINK: Blooms

Earlier this week I was reading a favorite blog of mine and was inspired to pink it up a little around here. Being that I live in a house full of boys...the hubby (a boy, obviously)...two sons...heck, even the dog is a's not often that I get to see much pink. I wouldn't consider my home overly masculine by any means, but I usually stick to fairly neutral colors and the "colors" that I do use are blues/greens/whites/shades of nothing that just screams girl! So, the easiest (and cheapest) way for me to add a little pink was to hit our local grocery store and grab a $4 bunch of bright pink baby roses. I think that I got 13 roses for my four dollars...not bad! They add the perfect amount of pink to bring a little girlie-ness to my home.

Isn't their color just lovely???

I like their pretty pops of pink on my kitchen windowsill...don't look too close, I didn't clean the window (or sink for that matter) for the pic! ;)

This little bloom fell off her stem, but still has plenty of life in her nestled in this cute little egg cup.

And these 3 lovely ladies are just now starting to really open up...

...I {LoVe} pink roses!

$4 roses in an up-cycled thrills! It really is the simple things in life that are the sweetest!

Pink it up in your home too!

Blessings, Grace

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I {Finally} Caved: Chalkboard Style

Okay, so we all know that chalkboards/chalkboard painting has been super hot in the blog/DIY decorating world for awhile now...but, I have resisted doing anything with it even though I really love the look. I really loved how you could personalize your home the way the folks over at TLC did with THIS spring-inspired mantel...and I love the way that Sarah Down Under used her chalkboard paint in an unusual yet creative way...and I always love the uses that MMS comes up with when she puts a modern twist on the ol' chalkboard...still, I resisted...that is until now!

A couple of weeks ago I was reading my sweet SIL's blog and saw this...and I knew I couldn't resist any longer...and like Kayla said "who can resist a cute little chalkboard thingy?"...not me, that's for sure, even though I sure tried to, hard! ;)

After seeing those cute little chalkboard tags I knew I could let go of my aversion to writing with chalk long enough to jot something down on those little tags, used in a creative way in our home. And, after reading her post about those lil' cuties I really couldn't wait to go to World Market to get some of my own. So much for resisting chalkboards, I was ready to give in!

It's been a bit chilly here, especially for our part of the state, and being stuck indoors for a part of last week gave me plenty of time to organize some less than neat areas of our home. Chalkboard tags to the rescue! I set about organizing our DVD collection, and this is what I came up with... this is a piece of furniture that I definitely wouldn't call "my style"...but organizing it makes it much easier to live with, haha! I took almost 100 DVDs out of their cases (donated the cases to Goodwill) and put the movies into plastic movie sleeves that I purchased at Target. All of those movies fit into these 3 baskets, which I already had...what a space saver! The "Family Friendly" basket holds all our non-animated movies that our boys can watch (I have a separate area for all our kid movies)...and the "A-M" & "N-Z" baskets hold all of our other DVDs. I don't actually have the DVDs alphabetically organized within the baskets...if they fit the criteria on the tag, that's the basket they're in, but we have to just go through them once we get to the basket...I think that if I did have them organized in the basket I would go crazy making sure they stayed that way. This way I avoid that hassle. There is such a thing as being too organized! The basket on the left of the very bottom shelf hold the remotes and the small basket with the ticking fabric top holds extra candles that I keep stored there when not in use.

Anyways, I finally caved in the chalkboard arena, a little bit at least! But I still can't stand writing with chalk...maybe I should try out those chalkboard markers I've heard about...