Monday, April 5, 2010

Shoe & Scarf Organizer...A {Sister} Project!

A few weeks ago my sweet sister, Gloria, came to visit for Spring Break. We had a great time together, and during our visit we decided to work on a project that would help her to keep all of her shoes/scarves/belts/etc. organized and neat! College dorm rooms can be rather cramped and crowded, so the more space saving and organization you can do the better! We made a trip to HL and picked out the materials for our project. We sort of made it on the fly, figuring out what to do as we went, and it turned out really great I think!

Here is our finished project! Too cute, right?!! A sturdy dowel rod wrapped with jute upholstery webbing provides support to hold up all the shoes that will be hanging here.

There is space for 16 (or more) pairs of shoes in the cute little shoe pockets that we made. Burlap (of course!), doubled-up, provides the backing for the shoe slots. And sweet little bows attach the dowel rod to just a regular hanger.

I am pretty sure that we used a yard of burlap and 2 yards of the Americana I said, we sort of did it on the fly, so I can't remember exactly!

For extra storage, you can put shoes in the slots and also hang them from the outside too! A better hanger might be in order to do that though...I can see that plastic one snapping from too much weight!

At first I questioned the lighter blue bows...but I think that they help to lighten and brighten this little shoe hanger, and I like them much better on the finished project.

Okay, now, for one of my favorite parts...we attached 6 wooden bangles to the back with ribbon...sewed onto the burlap...and it is perfect for hanging scarves or belts or necklaces. Isn't this just perfect for a college dorm closet! Pretty & Practical = Perfection!!!

The bangles were so easy to attach...and by far the most unique touch on this little craft project.

Along the bottom of the side, opposite of the shoe pockets, is one large sleeve, open at both ends, to hold a pair of boots.

I really had a fun time working on this with my sister, and I am tempted to make one for myself too! It probably took about 3 hours or so with both us working together...and that was with some interruptions from my little toddler. You could do this yourself easily in an afternoon.

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  1. I really like this idea especially for the scarfs! Nice job girl! Be blessed. Cindy

  2. Gracie,

    I'm just now reading this (what was I thinking waiting so long?) and really like what you and Glo did! Wow! What a great idea....I totally admire the fact that you didn't have a pattern but just "went for it". Great job. So practical & pretty.

    Love you and already miss you,


  3. I love the scarf rings...very clever! I'm going to adapt the idea of rings....but I need many because I think I have over 30 scarves!

    Stop over to Pandora's Box to enter a giveaway! patti