Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Pretty} in PINK: Blooms

Earlier this week I was reading a favorite blog of mine and was inspired to pink it up a little around here. Being that I live in a house full of boys...the hubby (a boy, obviously)...two sons...heck, even the dog is a's not often that I get to see much pink. I wouldn't consider my home overly masculine by any means, but I usually stick to fairly neutral colors and the "colors" that I do use are blues/greens/whites/shades of nothing that just screams girl! So, the easiest (and cheapest) way for me to add a little pink was to hit our local grocery store and grab a $4 bunch of bright pink baby roses. I think that I got 13 roses for my four dollars...not bad! They add the perfect amount of pink to bring a little girlie-ness to my home.

Isn't their color just lovely???

I like their pretty pops of pink on my kitchen windowsill...don't look too close, I didn't clean the window (or sink for that matter) for the pic! ;)

This little bloom fell off her stem, but still has plenty of life in her nestled in this cute little egg cup.

And these 3 lovely ladies are just now starting to really open up...

...I {LoVe} pink roses!

$4 roses in an up-cycled thrills! It really is the simple things in life that are the sweetest!

Pink it up in your home too!

Blessings, Grace


  1. Pretty Gracie! Don't flowers just bring the smallest yet oh so impactful joy to an otherwise normal day? I think so!

  2. Love your hints of pink loveliness! ....This is def one thing that I love about having a girl. I can always peak around the corner into her room to get some pink eye candy, which is much different that my oh so neutral home!