Sunday, August 30, 2009

Working my Camera Magic

I have been so anxious about getting up some pictures of my newly completed projects around our home that I have willed my camera to function, albeit improperly, but still, I did manage to snag a few photos of some of my recent masterpieces! I had to remove the batteries in between each shot, turning the camera off and on and listening to a horrible squeal that it made, protesting its use when not in proper working order. However, even with all the trouble it was giving me, I didn't give up, and got a few shots taken "old-school" style since my screen was blank. Obviously the pictures aren't the greatest, but hey, they're all I have right now, so I'm making them work!

A "burlap beauty"...HOME...pretty much says it all!

An old, ugly, book-laden shelf unit takes on a quainter appeal with the burlap curtain I made to hide the bulky medical books and board games on the bottom two shelves. The book case used to stand flat against the wall, but I tucked it into the corner, added a lamp behind it to fill in the empty space and displayed some of my vintage/antique books on the upper shelves along with pictures and items of sentimental value. Top of book case - an old canning jar filled with vintage spools from my great-grandparents. Basket on top right holds small volumes of poetry and essays, also from my great-grandparents. Top shelf - amidst antique books is a photo of my sister, Gloria, in a handmade pottery dish that she made me years ago. Framed picture of my great-grandpa, Dr. Robert Norwood, D.O. sits slightly below an old bell that used to be in his medical practice clinic. Vintage clock sits in the corner. Second shelf - Vintage Inspired childrens books rest with an antique horse figurine sitting on top of them along with C-A-R blocks.

Sun room corner that I added an old clock to...given to me by my grandpa, Papa. It doesn't currently work, but I have the time set to 9:09...the time that Johnathan came into this world on April 1st, 2008! The best single minute of my life!

Tea lights nestle in coffee beans and smell delicious when the candles are burning!

Inside the glass jars are some vintage recipe cards from my great-grandmother, Grace. Cinnamon sticks and Wine corks lend their appeal to the ensemble.

Wine rack and shelves in our dining room. I love the Demdaco Willow Tree figurines, and have recently fallen in love with little birdie things.

I picked up this lovely blue plate at my favorite store here in CC...Gatherings. I just love it!

Bird tea light holders and glass case holding a little birdie's nest tells of one of my newest loves!

I found this old wooden frame in the garage, atop a pile of junk. I stenciled the words BLESS OUR NEST on burlap, and added the bird nest to the corner. Vintage round buttons serve as the little eggs in the nest. Yellow shelf below coordinates with our dish of the plates is displayed here in another obsession of mine...baskets!

This wall previously held a collection of plates, but I like it much better like this...a little homier and more unique than just some plates hanging on a wall.

One of my favorite spots - I usually sit here in the kitchen while Johnathan is eating, and will either have my devotional time or read from my favorite magazine...COUNTRY LIVING!

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  1. I love your sweet little kitchen nook! What lovely light!