Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inspiration Desk

I was greatly inspired to re-make my desk area when I saw the beautiful office of Karen Russell - which I wrote about here. My desk area previously housed a year's worth of garage sale type items until just a few days ago. After bagging up 8 trash bags worth of things to give to Goodwill and 3 bags of stuff to throw in the actual garbage, I was on my way making a place where I could create what I love in a place that filled me with inspiration and peace! Within 12 hours I transformed the eye-sore of our house into one of my new favorite places! Here's the scoop...

I made curtains out of some organic cotton dish towels that I had which I found at Target last year. They are perfect for hiding the items that are stored under the table.

I decoupaged the top of an old cigar box that I got from my great-grandpa years ago. It holds some of my jewelry making tools. I added a rick-rack loop to the box for ease of opening.

My Inspiration Board! I made it by hot-gluing burlap to the back of a frame.

Used candle jars hold some of my favorite gemstones and beads. The little basket holds beading wire and a few beading odds and ends.

Pink jewelry display holds a few of my early jewelry creations.

I painted used coffee tins and they now serve as storage tins for some of my beads and jewelry making supplies.

Silver cup holds some earrings that I want to re-make. The cute red/white lamp shade was purchased for $3 at Big Lots! I painted a lamp that I thought was ugly and that I almost threw away...I almost forgot that I could paint it! The little birdie holds paper clips and the jute twine is just because...I love the way it looks!

I made a $2 plate and a candle holder into this cute tray. Silver basket holds some post-its and note cards. Vintage pill jar holds some antique white buttons. Old metal-lid jar holds I can light my candle when I want to feel inspired!

Candle in the center of the desk is Paris by Tyler Candle Company---I just adore these candles---as you can tell by all the empty candle jars!

Sepia Version of my Jewelry Display.

I love my sand dollar! I found this at the beach on my 26th birthday!

The metal tray used to be a perfume display tray---Ralph Lauren to be exact!

My place of creative inspiration!

Design, Love, Joy, Inspire, Create, Work, Make, Nest, Home, Life!

I love my desk!!!

Although this is my jewelry making desk,
I just liked the way that these brushes looked in the jar!

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