Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Thrill of It!

This past week I realized that I get a major "high" from discovering a great bargain and bringing it home. The same thing happens when a design idea pops into my head and I'm able to make it a reality. There is just something totally exhilarating about bringing a creative idea to life and in finding that perfect treasure that would be hard to live without!

For example, several days ago I was out shopping at a discount store. I went there originally to look for some jars to pot some plants in. While I was browsing the aisles I felt the presence of a "treasure" looming behind me---I turned around and saw it, standing tall behind it's fellow counterparts---a beautiful 8X10 foot rug---for only 50 bucks! I could hardly believe it, and enlisted the help of a strapping young employee to help me carry my treasure to the front of the store before anyone else could snatch it up!

After loading it up into the car I could hardly wait to get home and roll it's loveliness out on our living room floor. I seriously had to keep my driving speed in check I was so anxious to get home! Thankfully my sweet baby boy was ready to go down for his nap when we got home, and I got straight to updating our living room floor situation. After some minor furniture rearranging, I got the rug all rolled out and I was even more pleased with it than I had been in the store. I couldn't wait for my sweet husband to come home and view my find. I had a feeling that he'd like it almost as much as me...and he did!

Also, on another recent shopping excursion where I was trying to find my lil' man some fall clothing, I came across some cute white wooden letters---on clearance, of course! I knew I could do something with them, and as I fished through the stack there were only minimal words I could actually spell with what was left. So, I decided on matter that I had to make the "p" out of an upside-down "d"---for a buck 99 it was worth it. When I came home I got to brainstorming, and with a little help from my jute twine I now have my hope lettering uniquely on display below the mantle. What a wonderful reminder of the enduring HOPE that I cling to every day.

All in all this has been an inspiring week. Full of fun surprises and unique finds. Oh, the thrill of it!!!

Hope---there's always hope!

I'm slowly transitioning to a more neutral palette---white & creams fit the bill quite nicely.

Don't ya just love my topsy-turvy hope?!!

A partial view of the new rug...and yes, our couch is covered up (temporarily) with our old quilt...I am just so sick of seeing big, chunky plaid!

Another view of my lovely new floor covering! I go out of my way just so that I can walk on it! It's not super plush or anything, but it sure is softer than walking on wood all the time! ;)

Just what I wanted---a solid color with a design throughout---perfection!

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