Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello again!

Whew, after a long absence I still don't have much to bring to the table here. Though don't get me wrong, I have been doing plenty here at home. I have tried to make as many gifts this year as I can, but I can't post any of my beautiful creations here since some of my family reads my blog...and I sure don't want to spoil any of my surprises!

I have done a little decorating for Christmas, but just didn't have the energy for the full-out decking of all the halls, boughs of holly and all that jazz. I am happy with what I did, and I might post a few pics so that I can remember what this Christmas looked like, but it's nothing too fancy. Simple, festive, yes, but nothing over the top...nothing like so many of my beautiful bloggy friends' homes! There are some real show stoppers out there in blog land!

I do have a totally non-decorating related question to ask those of you who have been pregnant before...did any of you lose hair during your pregnancy? Mine is falling out like crazy...sort of the way it did after I gave birth to my son...and I don't know what to do. I seriously feel like I'm going to go bald! And I don't want that! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'll be back soon, I'm sure, although right now I am really trying to focus on my sweet little toddler, getting in lots of playtime and recording our daily happenings on my blog that I have for him. In the meantime though you can bet that I'll be visiting all of your blogs...which I still look at almost daily, even if I don't comment!


  1. Sounds like you're keepin' busy!

    Love you,


  2. I've heard of hair loss during pregnancy, but it's been 5-6 years since I was pregnant, so I can't recall exactly. However, when you mentioned your hair falling out AFTER giving birth, that actually struck me as opposite of what I was familiar with.

  3. I did...but then I always lose lots of hubby gets sooooo mad at me because mine grows back and his doesn't! I will looking out for your holiday pics...hope you have a FUN weekend.

  4. I have a six month old and I experienced the hair lose after she was born...the same with my son. But my hair stylist said to use cholesterol treatments (like a thick conditioner). It is suppose to make the hair grow better and help with hair lose. Definately check with your doctor to make sure...its seems that when your pregnant, you can't take or do anything!! :)

  5. HEy girl!! I am missing your frequent RMD updates!! But I can understand I am sure you are tired and busy right now!!! Cant wait to see you guys!

  6. Glad to hear that you are keeping busy and crafting gifts this holiday season. Hair loss is normal but if it is more than what you think is reasonable, could be a mineral or vitamin deficiency. If you are taking prenatal vitamins and eating right, everything should be okay, and a few months after delivery, the hormones will balance out and all will go back to normal. Take it easy and enjoy your time with the little one before new baby arrives. Holiday blessings :) Tammy

  7. Hey girl,
    You've been weighing heavy on my mind and I've been praying for you today. Please write when you get the chance and let me know if you & the baby are okay. Love to you and Merry Christmas!


  8. my DIL lost hair during her second pregnancy. ((hugs))