Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Please Be Patient!

Not that any of y'all are just dying to read my next post or anything, but I thought I'd just pop in for a bit and let you know to please be patient...I'll be back to "regular" posting soon. Between having a couple of groups of family come to stay before and during Thanksgiving, the craziness of preparing for my Thanksgiving hosting debut and the extreme tiredness that I've been feeling from the pregnancy, I just haven't had the energy to blog...and that's not normal for me! ;) I'll be back soon though, I have some lovely pictures of our Thanksgiving to post as well as some updated pics of my Christmas decor! See you soon!


  1. Can't wait for some more RMD! Love you, Gracie. ;) Get some rest!



  2. If your body is telling you to rest, then that is what you should do first and foremost. Take it easy. We'll all still be here when you are able to play catch up. Peace & blessings, Tammy

  3. Hi Grace...

    Thanks for your visit...things are so busy here too....

    By the way....my little Pup's name is Ruby.. It's just the CUTEST name.

    Warm blessings,

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Thank you for visiting my blog on my SITS day! Grace is a wonderful name!

  5. Gracie,

    Hope you are feeling okay. :) Just so you know, I miss Ruby Moon Designs! Looking forward to your next post when you're up to it. :)


  6. Glad you're resting, Grace :) December can be such a busy time - wonderful, but busy. Extra rest is a good thing! Looking forward to when you get back :)


  7. The holidays can be such a busy season but full of fun when you get to hang out with family and friends.