Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{In Love} with Blue Mason Jars

A few months ago I got on a Blue Mason Jar kick...and I decided to add to my "collection" by searching them out via antique shops and eBay...I was not disappointed! Within a few days of looking for them I had amassed quite a few, and here is how I have them displayed so far...

...holding some wine corks and twigs in twine in my kitchen...

...I love looking at them when the light comes in through the window...they are so lovely that way!

I also have a few on my Spring/Summer mantel...

...they make great vases and are pretty just standing alone!

Any other blue mason jar lovers out there???


  1. Grace,
    Hope you are having a FUN summer...your blue jars look great in the the corks!


  2. Well I am just a mason jar lover in any shape, colour or form, but I DO really love the blue ones you displayed. I don't see many of those around. Definitely a great and a lucky find!

  3. Although I don't profess to collect jars, I do love mason jars. They are fun for holding flowers, orange juice, or just to decorate with as you have done! Do I need to be on the look-out for you for these when I got estate-saling?


  4. Love me some mason jars too! Be blessed. Cindy

  5. I adore blue mason jars, too! I just acquired 3 of them....simply beautiful!