Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm {Dreaming} of a White Christmas

I have got the Christmas itch...and although I have doubts that I'll wake up to a white Christmas, I am ready for all the fun the holiday season brings...the problem is, I am almost totally clueless as to what gifts I'm going to give this year. Usually I have a rough idea of what I would like to get the people on my list, but this year my creativity is definitely lacking! What's a girl to do? I need ideas, big time.

Last year Christmas came and went, and our sweet, almost 2 year old son had to have his Christmas morning sweets stuffed in his "Baby's First Christmas" stocking...because, well, I was too lazy and didn't get around to buying him a "real" stocking. This year though I will be ready with this cute stocking for him, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids, and also with a coordinating one for baby brother! I am in love with these boyish Christmas stockings, and I can't wait to fill them with goodies for my two precious sons.

If you have any good Christmas gift ideas, feel free to pass them along my way...I have a long list and I am short on creativity! I really need to get my act together!

Blessings, Grace


  1. We have Pottery Barn and PB for Kids here now, too. I was just in the Kids store the other day and saw the cute Christmas stockings and bedding.

    I never, ever know what to get anyone. For friends, of course, I can make things. But for my family, they have everything and usually don't want what they need when it comes to Christmas gifts.

    Hope all is well. Tammy

  2. Hi honey
    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year and to tell you I added a page at the top of my site with my friends sites that sell their pretty pieces and I put your site on it. Hope that was okay. I named the page Temptations.
    Happy New Year