Sunday, September 19, 2010

White Pumpkins = The Perfect Solution!!!

I am not a big fan of fall colors...never have least not inside my home. I love to see the trees change color as the summer gives way to fall, but I enjoy looking at those colors outside and prefer to keep my home fairly neutral when it comes to the changing of the seasons. My mantel did need a bit of a lift though, and the bright pink flowers I had on it previously were a bit too summery. So, I took a quick trip to my dear ol' Hobby Lobby and found the perfect solution...white pumpkins! I added a bit of fake greenery, or "faux-liage" as sweet Ms. Layla of TLC calls it! That with a bit of real moss tucked inside of my mason jar made for a perfectly neutral fall display. Just a hint of Autumn is all right with me!


  1. Love the white pumpkins Gracie! I like Fall colors...but because they don't match every room in our house I love that blue & white pumpkins are available. They even have those gnarly greyish ones that are lovely. Something I've really enjoyed collecting for my Fall decor is porcelain pumpkins. They never go bad! ;0) I've gotten some at Hobby Lobby...and this year I found some sweet little ones at the Dollar Tree! White ones too! I'm looking forward to decorating for Fall...but my rule is....not until Oct. 1st. We'll see if I abide by that....haha.

    LOVE YOU!!!! You're so creative and I always like what you end up doing with your adorable home. ;0) Very inspiring.



  2. HI Grace! This looks good. And I agree you are very creative. Great job. Your home is lovely as always!

  3. I've been taken with white pumpkins too- yours look great!

    I have GOT to get crackin' on my fall decor... I've got my wreath up, but it's still summer on the inside of my house. Thanks for the inspiration!