Friday, October 2, 2009

Done Right

As the saying goes...if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And, if you're on a budget this saying is even more relevant. If you want something done right (& cheap) you really have to do it yourself. As my quest continues to make our house into a home I have come across many a project that I have completed all on my own. My latest challenge - changing out the drab red pillows that used to be on our couch for some nice khaki or cream linen ones.

I searched all over the internet, and in stores too, but I just couldn't find what I wanted for the price that I needed. So, I adhered to the above phrase and just did it myself---with a little creative ingenuity of course. I saw some some linen napkins at Target for $14.99 for a set of 4, and right away I could envision these on my couch...

...aren't they beautiful?!!!

After ripping out the stuffing from those ugly red pillows, I re-stuffed it into some pillow inserts that I made with some extra fabric I had laying around. Then all I had to do was iron the linen "napkins" and sew them together, right sides out---with the pillow insert tucked snugly inside. They turned out just as I envisioned, and their upcycled stuffing lumpiness just add to their character. Another job done well---and done right! Thriftiness at its best!

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  1. Hi Grace thanks for stopping by Cottage on the Hill. I too adore tea cups and tea pots. They are so simple but so elegant. If you don't have a window to spare, you can always cut out a niche inbetween the studs and line the opening with trim/wood. Just make sure there is no electrical wiring where you want the niche. I had thought about doing that in my hallway. I believe or has instructions on how to make a niche. By the way, your jewerly is so pretty!