Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Ideas??? Please Help!!!

Okay all you wonderful bloggy friends, here's the deal---I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, for the very first time in my life, and I need some serious help to get our home ready for Turkey day. I am working on my menu this weekend, and thankfully I have wonderful family members who are willing to help out with some of the dishes, so I'm not too worried about that - although feel free to pass along any tasty ideas, I can always use new recipes! I do need some ideas to spruce up our home, the dining table especially, to make it festive for the big day. Limitations: our Budget! I want to make a few cute things without breaking the bank, and I would love any suggestions as to what you think is a can't-do-without for Thanksgiving. The gathering won't be that big at all---just 9 people including two toddlers, but still, Thanksgiving is a major holiday, and I want it to be special. So, please help a first-timer out with any suggestions that will make my debut as Thanksgiving host a day to remember! Thanks, ladies!



  1. I'm not the best at giving decorating ideas, but I do have a centerpiece idea. I take my wrought iron candle holder (it holds 3 pillars) and place small pumpkins (the small ghord ones or decorative ones) on the outer 2 holders and a pillar on the middle one. Then, I wrap a decorative (had the word fake wriiten first, but doesn't decorative sound fancier??) leaf garland around the base of my holder. Really, I intertwine it around the 3 holders. Hope that makes sense! It is simple and looks pretty!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. Grace-- I just went out in the yard this past week and gathered sticks that were lying on the ground of all different sizes. I then evened them up, shoved them in a pretty vase, tied a ribbon bow around the bundle just above the top of the vase and VOILA! Very simple and of all it's extra CHEAP

  3. First of all:

    Pumpkin pie!

    Second of all:

    If you have any extra burlap from all your projects, you could cut a long, wide piece to use as a table runner that drapes slightly on each side. It's simple, but with your pretty table it could look stunning! Just use plain dishes, maybe some orange/harvest cloth napkins, and voila! Or you could make place cards using mini pumpkins (white and orange) but cutting a slit in the side and inserting place card with name written prettily on it.

    Those are my ideas!



  4. Thanks for the ideas, ladies! I went to the fabric/craft store today and I think that my table is going to be a winner---I will post some before and after pics as soon as I finish making up all my little pretties! I can't wait to share what I'm doing with you all!!!

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi there, these are cute! Great project. I don't have your email to send you my address. =) I looked around - maybe I missed it.