Thursday, January 14, 2010

All I Have to Offer is Me...

The past couple of weeks I have been avoiding writing here at Ruby Moon Designs. I guess you could say that I've hit a slump, and honestly, when I read about everyone else's wonderful design ideas and crafting abilities I have thought to myself..."what do I have to offer?"..."what could I dream up to interest people in my life...and in my blog?" Well folks, all I have to offer is me. The good, the bad, the interesting and the everyday life that I call all my own. So, my focus here at Ruby Moon Designs is going to shift somewhat. I am going to be completely real here...and though that might not always mean that I'm going to try to wow you with my creative talent, I will let you have a glimpse into my world. So, that being said, what have I been up to lately?...

...the past few weeks have been spent recuperating from a minor surgery I had done, a lot of time has been devoted to finding places for new Christmas things...and even more time has been devoted to cleaning and decluttering. Am I the only one who gets spring-cleaning fever in January? Probably not! My home is slowly but surely returning to normal...which means that I'll soon have extra time on my hands to tinker around with the way that things look. I added a few cute things to my mantle after taking down all the Christmas stuff---but I'll be linking that up to the Mantle Party @ the Stories of A to Z tomorrow. So stay tuned.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me!


  1. Yay! RMD is back! I'm glad you feel you can be real on here...that is always appreciated. I love YOU first...and all your creative ideas are secondary....I'm glad you discovered this about yourself as well!

    Love you,


  2. Well you are offering us a lot girlfriend. Just be yourself and enjoy the friends that enjoy you.
    Life is to short to do otherwise

  3. Grace,
    I agree with Maggie ARE offering us a lot!.....The blogs that I am most attracted to are the ones that are about real life....of coarse I love the creative and design stuff too...but life about so much more than that! ....It is nice to know that their are other women out there that did not accomplish much more than giving unlimited hugs and kisses, reading Brown Bear Brown Bear 80 times, and a child that napped for over 2 hours with no fit,.....rather than making me feel like i have to sew a new tablecloth or paint some furniture to make me feel like i did something that day! ( dont get me wrong those are great and fun things!) But lets just face it as moms sometimes our days are less than productive...........although i think giving unlimited hugs and kisses and reading brown bear 80 times sounds pretty productive! Love you girl!
    Just give us who you are and what you are is amazing the encouragement you can find here in blogland!