Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small Places that Make Me Smile! :)

Yesterday as I was reading from the blog The Inspired Room, I had the idea to photograph certain small places in my home that make me smile. Melissa @ The Inspired Room was showing how to make certain spots in your home "mini destinations"...and so I photographed my smile destinations! Haha! Not sure if that was what she was talking about, but there are several little places in my house that I like to gaze at, places where I feel good about how things look...and places that keep my mind off the usual mess that comes from having a toddler roaming the house. Here are just a few of my favorite smile spots...

...My bird themed table centerpiece that I pulled together by "shopping the house" especially looks pretty at night all lit up!

I like this little area because it combines several natural elements...the small twigs, nestled in some jute twine, that my son and I collected in our front yard, some sand dollars that I found in the ocean and the natural look of the small little nest and shell-filled glass jar. I wasn't sure if the air/land/and sea elements would look okay together, but I think that they work!

This may seem like a funny place that would make me smile, but on the contrary I just LoVe these white canisters that my sis-in-law gave me for Christmas. They are simple and just perfect for this spot on my kitchen counter.
If you have to wash dishes, you might as well be able to look outside or have the beautiful sunlight streaming in while you're doing it! I love having a window by my kitchen sink...and I love the few simple things that the window ledge is decorated with... "shabby chic" candle holder with the candle "sugar baby" by Tyler Candle Co. inside, the sea glass and shells that my son and I found by the ocean. Simple. Makes. Me. Smile.

Another kitchen smile spot...I am in the kitchen a lot, cooking and such, so why not smile too?!...oh, and you can see, more twigs! ;) This little pedestal tray was formerly just holding the empty white pitcher...and it looked rather sad. So, I shopped the house again (and the yard!) and came up with this!

I just LoVe the look of the natural tiny tree branches...aka sticks...they fit in quite nicely with my little birdie nest!

To keep the twigs upright I just wrapped some jute webbing around them...sort of making a nest as it were for them!

And, just to keep it real, this is what I normally look at all day as I chase and play with my sweet boy. It's a messy life, but it's a good life!


  1. Nice collection of vignettes :). I like your little white pitcher with sticks. So cute.

  2. great vignettes...i really, really like the shell and the white canisters!

    do you have the mid-pregnancy energy yet?