Thursday, March 18, 2010

My {Favorite} Shoes!

Beth over at The Stories of A 2 Z is hosting a "Show me Your Shoes Party" of course I had to join! I am going to make this quick little one is asleep, and my baby-building body is telling me to take a nap as as soon as I tell you a little about my favorite shoes, I am hitting the hay! Like a lot of my tastes, my preference in shoes is pretty simple and here is what I wear almost every day:

Flip Flops!

I have this pair from Old Navy...and probably at least a dozen others as well. I pretty much wear them every day, every month of the year...thankfully we live in a warm climate or else my little toes would freeze right off! I also love any sort of sandals, and have quite a few of them in my closet to prove it! I like to wear heels...occasionally, but not often...and I don't like to wear tennis-shoes...too hot on my feet! Probably my very favorite thing to wear on my feet is nothing at all! I {LoVe} going bare foot, but can only get away with it when I'm at home...therefore, flip flops are the next best thing when I'm out and about!

I love having painted toe nails too...but right now it's a bit rough to bend over and paint them myself...maybe a pedicure is in my future???!!! With the rest of my body being taken over by this little baby maybe my toes could look pretty at the very least! Haha!

Okay, ladies, I'm off to catch some ZZZZzzzz's. Don't forget to head over to Beth's blog to see some other fun footwear!


  1. Wish I live somewhere warm enough to wear sandals all the time. I agree with you about tennis shoes, I only wear then when I am working out, which is not very often. I love flipflops too, but I could only show so many, I really have a problem.

    Cha Cha

  2. I love flip flops too and wear them 90% of the time in summer! Wore some today because it was so warm!!! Yahoo Spring/Summer! Thanks for joining.

  3. I love flip flops too. =) Haven't seen those silver Old Navy ones until now. Cute! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think flip flops are the hands {or foot} down winner!

  5. I can wear sandals 365 days of the year.. and I usually do....but I have to put on the 'big girl shoes' too!
    Congrats on your June count down!

  6. Ahhh, flip flops are so comfy! I can't wait for Summer!


  7. Flip flops are the way to go when you can't see your feet anymore! Good luck to you with the new baby.