Sunday, March 14, 2010


I don't know if it's because I'm expecting a baby in a few months, or if it's from the fast approaching season of spring, but I have been in {Nesting} mode here for the past several weeks. And, it's not just in decorating...I have been on an organizing frenzy...I'll chalk that up to my motherly nesting instincts. Decorating-wise I have added splashes of spring around my home. I love the fresh look that spring brings, and I am having so much fun bringing that look my own way of course! Here are a few snippets of my home...inspired by spring...and {Nesting}!


Sweet little birds rest in this nook in my living room. I found the white one at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off, and the lovely blue one is from my favorite local shop...which just happens to be about a 1 minute drive from my house! Lucky me! I think that the little tea light bird cage is from Michael's...I got it on clearance last year.

Isn't this wine bottle topper awesome?! I found this at my favorite little shop too! It combines my love of birdies and my love of candles! I made the sweet little robin's eggs...which I wrote about here...and I tucked them in their nest in a little glass apothecary jar that I found 1/2 off at HL. Other spring inspired decor from HL or from stuff I already had at home.

Another sweet little nest that sits under my sheet music shade lamp.

Isn't this little framed nest precious? Cheapest thing ever too...I simply cut it out of a magazine and stuck it in the frame that I had. It is hanging with some leftover burlap that I frayed and made into a ribbon. Simple and Sweet!

This little birdie nest is tucked inside a vintage mason jar that I got from my great-grandparent's home.

Don't you love how this little candle has a nest of its own too?! I do!!! You can check out my love for this candle and bird cage here! ;)

More {Nesting}! For an easy glass "cloche" simply turn over a glass cup with a pretty object tucked inside!
So that's a bit of the {Nesting} that has been going on here! I'm sure there's more to come!


Recently I was inspired by The Inspired Room (how fitting, right?!) to create a lovely and inviting outdoor living space. So, I've been working on my front porch and will be tweaking it a bit here and there before it's ready to show off. It will be simple, and hopefully a fun and relaxing place for my family to enjoy. So far I've added a few plants, one of my vintage windows, and a sweet and shabby bird house, a very cool over-sized decorative key that I found on clearance at HL and a few other things. I think that it will look really nice once I have it all set up!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend, and have a wonderful start to your week!

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  1. I love all the birds and nests! What great decorating ideas!

  2. I love all the pretties, Gracie! Sooo lovely...and ohh la la...the birdies!!!


  3. Hi Grace! I love your little nesting ideas and projects. They all are sweet. I too love birds and nests and c an't seem to have enough of them around my house! Beautiful! When I was pregnant with my last I wanted to organize everything, stack wood for the wood stove,'s like you just can't help yourself. hahahaha....I totally understand! Great post.

  4. yes, great minds think alike....

    your nest in the jar is soooo sweet! that bird cage, well, you'd better frisk me before i leave your site. *wink*

    have a great day, beautiful one.