Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Robin's Egg from Nutmeg!

Yesterday I was sharing with you my love of Robin's Egg Blue, and the photos that I shared with you inspired me to make some cute little eggs of my own. I have had some whole nutmeg sitting around my house in various jars and vases---when surrounding a candle they smell glorious when the candle heats them all up---and I thought that I could put a few to use as "robin's eggs" since they are the perfect size. Here is what I came up with to make my robin's eggs from stuff I had on hand...yet another "free" project!

I pulled out some lovely Jamaican Blue, Victorian Green and Espresso brown acrylic paint from my small store of paints.

Whole nutmeg are usually expensive...but I found these at World Market for about $1.00 per pkg...compared to the $7ish dollars or so that they cost at the grocery store that is a steal!

I mixed up my own cocktail of colors from the 3 paints, and then left a bit of the espresso brown to speckle the eggs.

To make painting easier, I stuck a toothpick into the bottom of the nutmeg.

All painted up and getting some speckles!

Here are my eggs, drying and waiting to be placed in their nest homes!

Finally, a real home for my little nutmeg eggs!

They are a little too speckled...if I do this again I will lay off some of the "freckles!"

This little nest looks cozy here on my lovely blue plate.

I read somewhere that robin's usually lay 2-5 eggs, with 5 being very this little nest is pretty much at capacity!

My nest also looks cute in this sweet little spot on my kitchen window sill.

Take note of the "Nest" in my inspiration words...perfect spot for these little beauties!!!

Now I'm not bragging or anything...okay, maybe I am...I think these little robin's eggs are pretty darn cute! Hope y'all are having a fabulous day!

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  1. What an awesome idea Gracie! I love it! You really do think of the coolest craft ideas....who thought nutmeg could look so pretty? I may steal your idea...



  2. You did a beautiful job on them, Gracie! I love how sweet they look. I'm loving the kitchen window vignette!


  3. How cute! They look so good and I love the color blue that you choose!

  4. so adorable! great job i love it! happy SITS saturday sharefest!!!

  5. What a cute idea, Grace. Hope you're getting lots of rest and taking care of yourself and your little bean. Thanks for taking the time to share this creative project.

  6. i can say beyond a shadow of a doubt i will be using your tutorial to make some of our own. darling project. i also love that i can go right outside to gather some walnuts & nutmeg to start this project.

  7. Adorable! Thanks for sharing your idea!
    Baby I'm ON My Way

  8. These are so adorable! I love that color too and may need to go pick up some craft paint! MIKI

  9. The are very cute! I like them next to the framed words, too!

  10. I went and got my Robin's Egg Blue paint today! I'll link back my finished project to you as my inspiration! Miki

  11. Those are so cute! And I can always use more birds' eggs.