Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Cozy Little Bedroom

*Although I originally posted this on my family blog in the middle of last year, I think it is fitting that I share it with you all too...I am pretty sure that I meant to post it here last year, but it slipped my memory! I love this "newer" version of my bedroom, although it has changed a little since this post. I especially love that a few of my favorite projects are seen in this post...especially my pillows! I'm linking this up to Toot Your Horn Tuesday @ A Silly Little Sparrow

I've been working on figuring out my new camera's features (still haven't quite figured them out!)...so bear with me...

View from my bedroom doorway, taken with the Sepia setting...
loving the vintage slat door on the side of the picture!

Several issues of my favorite magazine, Country Living, sit inside a wire basket that is on top of the burlap runner that I made to cover my hopechest.

View of our baby memory wall...pictures and mementos of our Heaven babies sit on the shelves and adorn the walls.

Doorway view in color, although it was taken after dark so I had to use the flash instead of natural light.

Blue pillows that I made using several repurposed items...I will blog about them further in a later post!

A lace curtain hides the clothes hanging up in the closet. I made an old wine bottle into a vase for some of my pothos plants to root in. An "extra" wine glass serves as a tea light holder...nestled on top of wine corks in coffee beans, of course!

Front view of the bed...I love my little birdie pillow...and the white buttons...they have a special meaning to me too...check back later for details!

Here is the wall hanging that I made using an old wooden cupboard door. For a wedding gift (almost 7 years ago!), my grandmother stitched Grace & Aaron United in Christ on top of the quilt that we used to have on our bed before I switched to the white...I always liked the phrase and wanted to keep it in our bedroom, so I incorporated it into my wall-hanging. The key symbolizes my husband holding the key to my heart...pretty sappy and sentimental, huh?!!!

Well, there y'all go! Hope you enjoyed my cozy little bedroom!


  1. I love your room Gracie....again! The two phrases on your cupboard door are so sweet. The top one "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be" by Robert Browning I think, is one of my favorites. Lovely room.


  2. I love the color scheme - very calm and soothing!

  3. It is very cozy and soothing! Mine is a mess. :) Have a blessed day. Tammy

  4. This room looks so soothing and cozy! I love the headboard and footrail so shabby chic. The pillows are goregous!

  5. I sooooo LUV your iron bed...I have it's twin in my baby girls room (she will be twenty on the 23rd). Luv your colors in your room too!