Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Robin's Egg Blue - An Obsession

Like a lot of you out there, I have an obsession with robin's egg blue. Blue has always been my very favorite color...even though it is sometimes referred to as a "boy's color"...and pink, a "girl's color"...I have always preferred blue, in all of it's many different shades and hues. However, the peaceful and soothing blue that is found most perfectly in nature in the robin's nest just can't be topped, in my opinion. I found the following images while browing the internet for some robin nest pics. Aren't they lovely?!! And the bottom image was taken of my favorite decorative plate...I just love its color!

All of these beautiful blues have inspired the project that I worked on today...which I will be back with tomorrow to show all of you all! For now just enjoy God's beauty, whose handiwork cannot be outshined!!!


  1. What beautiful inspiring photos. Love the first one - gorgeous! Thanks for posting!

  2. God paints the prettiest colors doesn't He? I love the blue robin's eggs....I too am falling in love with this color. Thank you for the reminder of where it comes from! No painter could have thought up something so beautiful....

  3. Robin's Egg Blue is one of my fav's too! Are we making a BUTTON here at RUBY MOON DESIGNS? If so, then we can grab each others BUTTONS:) Hope you are having a good day!


  4. Hey! I have a post in my queue about robin eggs ... too funny! I've had them on the brain lately.