Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Like Candy in a Jar {Ribbon Storage}

Back in the fall I was inspired by a post from Miss Mustard Seed...Inspired Ribbon Storage...which you can read here. I am a ribbon-a-holic, I just love all the beautiful colors & textures. I love grosgrain ribbon and rick-rack probably the best...just so simple and playful. Anywhooo...I had a drawer in my craft room (aka the dog's room/our sun room) that was stuffed with spools of ribbon, much of it unspun from the spool and tangled up in a huge jumbled mess. My toddler had found that taking ribbon off of the spool was just was fun as unrolling the toilet paper(!), but that didn't exactly make for easy access to my ribbon while I was crafting. So, during the last week I've been working on untangling all that ribbon & organizing it, using the inspiration from sweet Miss Mustard Seed as my guide.

I don't have any before pictures...trust me, it wasn't pretty...but here are some of my afters!

I love my "Inspiration Desk"...you can read about how I organized it here.

I bought two of the jars (the two larger ones) at Hobby Lobby when they were half off. The smaller one I already had - it previously held the most delicious salsa I've ever eaten.

I painted the larger jar's lid so that it wasn't so shiny and silver. I like the matte aqua blue much better.

I added some cute scrapbook paper to the lids of the mason jars.

I also bought these sweet little clothespins at Hobby Lobby...I didn't have any lovely vintage ones like Miss Mustard Seed...but these do the job quite nicely. I just rolled my ribbon up and then pinched it in the center with the clothespins.

This smaller jar houses my ribbon scraps. Waste not, want not!

Wider ribbon is stored in the bigger jar...as pretty as candy (and way fewer calories!!!).

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  1. This is such a great idea Gracie! I have all my ribbon smashed into a hat box and it's hard to find what I'm looking for. I like this...and I'm guessing if you need to use the ribbon at the bottom you just dump it out and they're still intact in their little spirals because of the clothespins? Very cool. I need to work on our guest room/craft room. It's a mess!

    Hugs & love,


  2. Gaily...yes, if you need the ribbon at the bottom you can just pour out the little "candies" and pick the one you need. I have already had to do that, and it's still super easy to put back, plus you can see right away what ribbon you have on hand!

    Love you!

  3. I love your inspiration desk too! I'm also a sucker for pretties in jars :).

  4. i like the jars. Its very smart, so that you can see exactly where the ribbon you need is. I seem to always be digging around for those tiny things.

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