Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Better Dressed Nest

I have been reading through my blog list, and came across a new little series from the Nesting Place called 31 Days To a Better Dressed Nest. Today's post was about using creative and quirky ideas to dress up our "nests."

A few weeks ago I went out on my front porch with the intent of snapping off a few dry branches from a tree that is growing right beside the porch's decking. Lately I've been all about bringing a little bit of outdoors into my home...and although the branches were dead they still seem to bring a bit of life into the house. I simply picked out the branches (twigs more like) that were a bit mossy and weathered looking and stuck them in an old glass salad dressing bottle-turned vase. I love the look that my little jar of sticks brings to this corner of the shelf... here is my "quirky" little jar of sticks. I smile every time that I see it! What are your kooky nest dressings?


  1. Decorating with a jar of sticks is one of those things that sounds so funny,but looks really good. Sort of like my concrete chicken. Funny sound, great look. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey..are you sure you didn't steal this idea from me? (wink) I love decorating with branches! I have the branches I used for Gwen's shower that I painted white still in my living room. I put them in a red pot and put some green moss around them...they look very chic. But I think plain wooden branches look fabulous for Fall....way to go!