Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sea Glass Inspired Earrings

Today I sat down with the intention of making some earrings to add to my giveaway (which will be on don't miss it). As I prepared to create, I knew that I needed some inspiration---so I grabbed myself a cup of coffee, which always helps me to brainstorm and in a strange way relaxes me.

Sipping slowly out of a teacup that my grandmother gave me on my 16th birthday, I decided on these two colors for making my secret giveaway gift...the colors are all the sneak-peek that you're going to get right now!

After I made my giveaway, I was still feeling inspired and so I proceeded to get out some little goodies to make a sea glass inspired pair of earrings...

...I just love the beautiful sea foamy blue of these Amazonite gemstones...they are probably my favorite gemstone to work with. Paired with Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal they capture the beauty of the ocean's natural hues.

Almost finished...just a matter of putting the puzzle pieces together now...

...and here they are, in all their sea glass inspired beauty!
If you're lucky, I'll add these to my ETSY store! Motherhood is calling now though, so ETSY will have to wait!