Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Cozy with Coastal

As I am slowly tweaking this and that in our home, I have realized that I need to play up the fact that we live by the coast. I adore being so close to the ocean, and many of the colors that I want in my "dream home" are coastal inspired...blues, greens, creams & whites. Since we're currently renting our house and may not even end up in this part of the country, I want to enjoy the sea while I can...and part of that means bringing it into my home!

So yesterday, after plenty of inspiration, I went about decorating this cozy little coastal shelf to display in the small hallway between the two bedrooms.

I tied some jute twine around this flat mirror so that it would hang securely on the wall and reflect the glow of the candles in front of it.......

.......and I hot-glued these five tiny sand dollars that I found in the ocean on top of some jute upholstery webbing (which I was inspired to purchase by going here).

The two candle holders are filled with tiny mother of pearl shells---which I actually did buy---and are topped with white lily & ginger tealight candles.

The inspiration for the canning jar/sea shell/candle combo came from this wonderful blog...which I read daily and where I have found numerous creative ideas for decorating with a coastal flair.

I was going to make a sea shell shadow box for this shelf, but I didn't have enough shells that I had found on my own...and I just couldn't bring myself to buy any...why would I do that when I live by the sea? I need to go out and find some of my own!

And no place in my home is complete without a bit of greenery for me to love and coax to grow. Here I have some ivy tucked inside an upcycled vanilla jar, and wrapped with my jute webbing.

So there you go, a bit of the coast is residing in my home now! There are a few other spots in my home that have gotten the cozy coastal treatment, but that will have to wait until another day! Blessings on this happy Wednesday!



  1. I love your coastal decorations! We live by the sea, too...some great ideas!

    Beautiful jewelry, too! Have a blessed day!

  2. I love the sand dollars lined up on the upholstery webbing. Brilliant use of materials!